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Aug 27 - Born to Learn

It was a typical trip. There I sat at gate B 29…waiting for yet another airplane&hel... (read more)

Aug 20 - How do we prepare child...

How do we prepare children to handle the difficult and critical people in the world? Ho... (read more)

Aug 15 - Back to School Newslett...

We have put a copy of our latest newsletter on the website.  You can access it by clic... (read more)

Aug 13 - Practice

In Mrs. Smith’s first grade class, we practiced many things. We practiced getting and... (read more)

Aug 6 - Being Mean to a Younger...

Mom had been preparing two-year-old Jamie for the arrival of the new baby. "Oh, Jamie,... (read more)

Aug 5 - School Supply Lists for...

We have updated our school supply lists for the upcoming 2014- 2105 school year.  For... (read more)

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